meme garden🪴

Hello! Welcome to my collection of memes, reaction images and other funny eccentricities, carefully harvested by hand and stored for future reference. If you want to use any of these images please upload them to your own server and do not direct link ☺

PS: I have a hard time categorizing things (bear with me ✌️🥲). Of course, I sorted all this into the categories that made the most sense to me, so half of them will probably be useless to you. Enjoy (?)

we need everybody to pretend to be normal for a little bit.
every day. we stray further from god
judging you
a vote for bart is a vote for anarchy
estoy tan solo...
confused chris evans
tendré que decir que es bait
amazing. every word of what you just said was wrong
a margaret thatcher quote
pizza from canada
pero mira cómo beben los pecés en el río
i'm thinking!!!
the legend of going to bed
attack while they're distracted
it's wednesday, Homer
we do this not because it is easy...
¿qué está hablando? ¿en cataláaan?
dysmorfia :)
el repollo es dos veces pollo
it's ok because you're cute
nicki minaj & explosion
i have a gaming pc
no aguanto más este calor por favor
take his ass to the timeloop
dios perdona pero yo no
i wasn't familiar with your game
perfect date
mom, dad, im b
pero explica el por qué de esa afirmación maldito perro bastardo
inspirational as fuck
moomin with a knife
Captain, it's Wednesday
hannah montana cringing
*gay silence*
dat look
Levi as Sailor Moon making a face
Shadow the hedgehog making a face
A doll making a face
pero usted quién es
You wouldn't download
bitch i might
damn cloud computers
sube vamos al psicologo
you are friend
anime glasses
My job here is done.
I'm so tired of Spain.
wanting to throw a brick
que sí te escucho
horrified stare
marc jacobs by marc jacobs
move y'all i got it!!
sí a todo
They're the same picture
Elaborate on that
omg that's disgusting! where?
siente tu mierda
horrified stare
I'm proud of you, complete stranger!
you're jobn't
horny today, aren't we
hay tiempo
what the cinnamon toast fuck is this
Loles León con cara de wtf
fucking liberals
not surprised Kirk
devious smile
devious smile w/ mask
perfect: you!
ooo what a pity
your secret is safe with me
esta mierda qué es pt. 1
esta mierda qué es pt. 2
Jimmy Butler squinting
aquí tú hablas español
*violent gag*
Keanu loves you
hay que aprender a vivir con el problema
i am cringe but i am free
stop complaining!
embeces la bida no es como keremos